Best Small Business Credit Cards for Cash-Back (2017)

As a small business owner, you have countless financial responsibilities. Between paying monthly utility and bills, filling your tank at the gas station, and stocking up on ink, paper, and other supplies, business expenses are seemingly never-ending. Whether you buy online or shop at the local office supply store, a good credit card can help you save big at the checkout. Find the right credit card offer, and you can even finance big-ticket items over time! Which credit card issuer offers the features most beneficial to your business? Here are 3 of the best cash-back rewards cards available.

25 Best Ways to Earns Lots of Marriott Reward Points (2017)

Part of the “Best Ways to Earn” series which includes Ritz-Carlton Rewards Points, Virgin America Elevate Points, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles, Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, ANA Mileage Club Miles, Emirates Skyward Miles, Hyatt Points, JAL Mileage Bank, Virgin Australia Velocity Points, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles, Etihad Airways Guest Programme Miles, Korean Air SKYPASS Miles, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, Lufthansa Miles & More Miles, Delta SkyMiles, Air Canada Aeroplan Miles, IHG Rewards Club Points, and Flying Blue Miles.

Credit Karma Review: A Legit Free Credit Score of Scam? (2017)

Credit Karma has over 60 million members. Not bad for a service that provided its first free credit score in 2008! The site is successful primarily because joining is free. Members receive 2 free credit scores, weekly reports, and ongoing credit monitoring as well as necessary tools to make educated decisions about their credit. Their app is also free. In this review, we examine the different features of their site while answering the most common questions about its services.

How to Earn 100k+ Delta SkyMiles (In 90 Days)

Part of How to Earn 100k+ Points Series which includes Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, United MileagePlus Miles, Southwest Rapid Rewards Points, Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, American Airlines Miles, and Hilton HHonors Points.



Guide to Online Community Colleges

Like for-profit schools and non-profit universities, community colleges across the country have added distance learning to their program and course lists, helping students earn credits and work toward a degree with maximum flexibility. Yet one important thing sets community colleges apart: affordability. Using insight from distance learning experts and online students, the following guide examines how (and why) community colleges hit the cost and flexibility sweet spot.

A Guide to Pre-Professional Work Experience

Students planning careers in the public health sector can benefit greatly from pre-professional work experience (internships, work study, study abroad and volunteering) when performing their post-graduation job searches. This guide discusses how to identify and land these opportunities, complete with expert advice and resources.

Tech for Teachers: Apps, Tools and Online Resources

The ultimate guide for teachers bringing tech into the classroom. Get expert info and advice on today’s top educational technology, and find more than 150 online resources organized by subject and age.

Medical Insurance for College Students

College students are required to have health insurance coverage. They have a variety of options, including a college-sponsored plan, a parent’s plan, Medicaid and individual health insurance. This guide discusses the available options, explains how to understand the paperwork involved with health insurance and provides expert advice, including resources.

The College Student’s Guide to Fire Safety and Education

Fire safety is important, regardless of whether students live on-campus, in Greek Housing, or off-campus. This guide outlines risk factors, and examines school and student responsibilities for fire safety.

Women Wanted: Scholarships, Colleges and Careers in Computer Science

There is a dearth of women in computer science, but a wealth of opportunity. Learn how K-12 schools, colleges and non-profits are helping women break into and succeed in a field where men dominate the workforce.

Winning Sports Careers

Career opportunities in the sports industry aren’t limited to those with athletic prowess; there is a wide range of positions in the field for non-athletes too. These jobs support the sports industry by providing mental and physical health services, sales and marketing revenue, and sports media content. The following guide outlines some of the most popular careers in sports for non-athletes and how the growing presence of women in the industry.

Where to Apply to College: A 6-Step Timeline

Although there are many tasks associated with applying for college, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. The following 6-step timeline explains when to apply to college and how to meet application deadlines with confidence.

Time Management: The Key to Academic Success

Knowing how to study allows students to set a strong foundation for academic success. Instead of feeling forced into cramming for a test, the highest achieving
students begin the study process long before classes begin–creating schedules, gathering tools, and developing study strategies. This comprehensive guide explores the
best methods for taking notes and preparing for exams and provides concrete strategies for dealing with test anxiety. By accessing the valuable resources contained in
this guide, students can take control of their study skills and keep their stress levels in check.

Student ‘s Guide to Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity, but choosing a program can be overwhelming. There are so many locations to visit and subjects to study that you may not know where to begin. This guide gives you a starting point, providing all the information you need to pick the right study abroad program –and figure out the best way to finance it.

Return to Your Career: A Guide to Coping with Career Transition Stress

Each year, millions of people make an internal shift, reaching a point where they are ready to explore a new career. For some, this transition means leaving the workforce to go back to school so they can develop a new skill-set. Others make the transition back into the workforce after graduating college, serving in the military, or taking care of children. No matter what the impetus for a career transition, the path is filled with new challenges. This guide is designed to ease the stress of transitioning out of or into the workforce.

Plagiarism on Campus

What exactly is plagiarism and how can students and instructors recognize it when it occurs? Furthermore, why does it continue to be a problem? Because understanding plagiarism is the first step to avoiding it, the following guide examines the latest research and provides advice from experts who explore these questions. This guide also demonstrates the proper way to quote, paraphrase and cite from text sources and provides current resources that explain how to recognize plagiarism and prevent it.

Paying for Your Master’s Degree

Covering the cost of a master’s degree can be a significant financial investment. Fortunately, graduate students have a wide range of options, from federal loan programs to institutional scholarships. This guide examines the numerous ways students can finance a master’s degree, and provides key details and insight on how (and where) to get started.

Paying for Your MBA

The most popular way to pay for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is with student loans. But with the top 100 schools costing on average $75,000 for tuition over the program lifespan, according to global rankings by Financial Times in 2014, students are best served by finding funding that offsets the cost of graduate school without requiring them to pay anything back. For instance, merit-based scholarships and need-based grants are available from universities, nonprofit organizations, state and federal governments, and other sources. Fellowships, which are commonly tied to philanthropic endeavors such as studies that promote awareness of global issues, are another option and often cover all of the costs associated with earning an MBA. Discover what’s out there, and pick up a few tips on how to finance your MBA.

Online Summer School: Credits Before College

With the boom in online learning technologies-and greater adoption rates by public and private school districts, as well as universities-online summer school has become an increasingly accessible and attractive option for students. The following guide serves as an overview of online classes, discussing the various types of programs available and how they work, identifying the institutions that offer online classes, and answering common questions.

A Guide to Careers in Industrial Psychology

Industrial psychologists apply theories and principles honed through research to improve workplace dynamics. They identify training and development needs in areas such as productivity, management and employee working styles, and help companies address problems by coaching employees, developing performance evaluation criteria and assessing market strategies. Professionals in this field must have knowledge of ethical considerations, administrative regulations and case law relating to workplace activities.



How to Use Self-Talk Successfully

How to use your inner dialogue to move forward in a positive way

How to Use a Crisis to Reframe Your Life

Moving forward after a crisis

Finding Your Life Partner

The process of finding a new relationship

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